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So you’re thinking about an app. Check out our video below to see what an app can do for your business.


Welcome to Dr App.

I am Alex Merenkov and I am located in Brisbane, Qld.

So you are thinking about getting an app for your business. Great. We can help you with that. First up, you need to be sure of what you want to achieve –

Are you looking for more customer engagement?

Increased sales?

A platform to integrate with social media?

A new target audience?

The clearer you are about what you want the easier your app journey will be.

Here are our top 3 tips to start you off.

iOS, Android & Web App Development in Brisbane

Our top 3 tips to start you off

Tip #1 Look at other people’s apps. Note what you like and what you don’t like.
Tip #2 Think about the hitches and wastage in your current workplace – communication breakdowns, lost time, lost money. Perhaps a seamless business app can address them.
Tip #3 Ask yourself – How will this app help my customers, my suppliers and my staff?

Okay, the next thing you need to do is select an app developer. So I’ll tell you about Dr App.

Apps We Created

For 17 years our team of tech experts have created over 30 specialised business apps.

We have helped business owners such as medical specialists, barristers and solicitors, engineers, builders, removalists, home care specialists, cleaners and online marketers.

We have completed app projects for not-for-profits. That’s how the WikEM app came about …

The WikEM app is for emergency doctors. It gives them fast access to up to date medical information. WikEM has become the world’s largest and most popular emergency medicine reference resource. It’s an open access platform and we’re super-proud of it.

We build this app 17 years ago and it’s still the go-to resource for emergency medicos.

Hey, check out these online reviews …

web based app development gold coast
web based app development gold coast

Introduction to Apps

Now, you will have noticed there is a video here. It is an introduction to apps. So grab a coffee and take a look. It will answer many of your questions.

OR you can read this page. Here you will find

Let’s go…

The 3 Parts to App Development

Part 1 – Getting to know your needs
When we meet we will find out what you are expecting from your app. From this, we can make a plan.
Part 2 – Creating your power-charged business app

This is where we differ from many app developers.
You see, we don’t use existing software to make your app. We start from raw code.

We don’t use templates or software someone else has built.

Think of it like this …

Do you want a paint by numbers app? Or a masterpiece?

For power and flexibility, we need to build your app from scratch. No shortcuts.

Part 3 – Getting to know – and love – your app

Now we give you an orientation session with your new app. It’s now your very own.

If you choose, you can market it and sell it to other businesses.

Now, to help you make an informed purchase, I’d like tell you about how apps are categorised.

First up …

The Types of the Apps

Category 1 – Web-based Apps

You may already be using web-based applications without knowing it. QuickBooks or Mail Chimp are two examples.

If you buy your groceries, clothes or books online you are using a web-based application.

Some web-based apps also work on your mobile phone but not so well.

Category 2 – The Mobile Apps

These are the apps you get via the app stores for use on your phone.

There are two subsets.

You have the native app and the cross-platform app.

Category 2A – Native Apps for Mobile Phones

The techie bit — An app is ‘native’ when it is created just for one particular avenue.

For instance an app designed solely for Android devices is native to Android.

Also, an app made solely for Apple devices is, yes, you got it, a native app for Apple.

To create a native app takes time and expertise but the end result is grand.
You get 2 apps. The app is coded to suit the platform – Apple or Android.

Each app is sleek and intuitive, giving the user a pleasant and satisfactory experience.

There’s more …

Category 2B – Cross-Platform Apps for Mobile Phones

A cross-platform app operates on Apple and Android devices. It’s is one app. It’s only constructed the one time.

As the client, you get two functional apps.

But, full disclosure, there are restrictions …

A cross-platform app is less intuitive. Many people find them awkward to use. The layout is not as modern and funky.

Here’s a handy breakdown of what our clients choose:

  • 20% choose an app for either android or Apple/IOS
  • 30% go for two apps, both the android app and an IOS app and
  • Another 50% select a cross-platform app

In short, you have 4 choices –
1. A native app for your Android phones and tablets
2. A native app for your Apple phones, iPads and iPods
3. 2 separate native apps – one for Apple and one for Android or
4. A cross-platform app – which works on both platforms

Category 3 – Apps for Apple Watches

The Apple watch is a breaking new ground in wearable technology.

So we are pleased to offer apps for your Apple watch.

Recently we developed an Apple Watch app that magnifies the screen so wearers can see and use the watch without having to reach for reading glasses.

The app is for the Forget Specs company. It features a magnifying protective screen. It will be available for i=Phones too.

We added voice and visual instructions so the user can add the film to their screen.

Are you ready to talk?

Why get an app?

Reason #1 – an app helps your customers

Today your customers expect …

– 24 hour convenience
– A secure personal connection to your business

Reason #2 – an app benefits you

For the savvy business owner, a purpose-built app can …

– Bring in a younger audience who expect an app
– Boost customer loyalty
– Earn you back lost hours
– Streamline communication processes
– Assist you to monitor your business goals and KPIs

How can an app do all that you ask?

Well, there are many features that help achieve this. For instance,

Voice control – you can ask questions, send invoices or phone a customer. This is a productivity booster for tradies in particular
Text reading – you can hear your messages while you are on the go
Artificial intelligence – AI can help out your clients after business hours
GPS compatible – drivers can link the business app to their preferred GPS app

Reducing Waste Across Australia – One Household at a Time

Okay, let me tell you about a recent project …

Ryan Hollis from EverFocus asked us to create an app to help people recycle their rubbish more accurately. The app takes a photo of a rubbish item and shows whether it is recyclable in that particular local council area.

The WasteLess app makes recycling easier. Current data shows councils across Australia have to discard 55% of recycling loads due to contamination by non-recyclables. Truckloads of recyclable materials are dumped.

The Dr App team developed specialised image recognition software that analyses household rubbish and recycling items. This image recognition analyser uses AI. Every time you give a new item it gets better at analysing rubbish and non-rubbish.

Business owner Ryan Hollis wants WasteLess to become the go-to resource for citizens and councils. Long term the app will help communities move to a circular economy where there are no single use packaging materials. The message is Circle Up for Good.

In a trial on the Sunshine Coast hinterland the app helped reduce wastage and increased compliance with recycling. (See the awesome data in the graphic below.) With these impressive results Ryan is ready to pitch his app to councils across Australia and make a real difference.

Now let’s hear from Ryan Hollis …

“This tech team were really easy to work with. They were creative and efficient. They allowed plenty of time for talking through my goals and finding ways to refine the project and create real impact.
The process was productive and very professional. I am excited by the results we have achieved so far.”

Ryan Hollis, Founder of WasteLess, Circle Up for Good and Director of EverFocus

Let’s dive into virtual reality

Smart business owners who want to improve efficiencies and build customer loyalty are jumping into VR.

Here’s what it can do for you…

Improved communication
We have helped 3 cosmetic surgery clinics set up web applications to show patients how a specific treatment will look on their own face. Using open CV technology the doctor can take a photo of the patient.

The app zooms in on the eyes, mouth and other facial features and shows the patient how they will look post-surgery. The tool helps the patient see their options and make informed decisions.

Take the indecision out of purchasing
Customers looking at home renovations can be overwhelmed by choice. They fret about spending big dollars $$$. Will they be happy with it?

Professional renovators, landscapers and interior designers are turning to company apps to help their customers.

A VR app can show the client their own spaces and rooms in a fresh new way – new curtains, new door locations, new paint colours and new furniture. The list goes on.

The process is fast, personal and interactive. Clients come to a purchasing decision sooner. And that’s good news for you.

This is not just my view. Here’s what the Business News Daily says …

“Virtual Reality … boasts serious business capabilities. Whether it’s test-driving a product or boosting customer loyalty, VR is especially effective when it comes to cultivating a rich consumer experience and marketing your products and services”
Adam Uzialko, Freelance Editor, Business News Daily

As a ballpark figure, it can take 3 months to construct your VR app. Your investment will be around $5000.

To find out more, simply click the button …

How do we make your app?

Now, this next section will give you the nitty gritty of how we build your app …

Phase 1 –
We find out what you need.
What business processes and data do you want the app to cover?
Who will use the app? Customers? Staff?
Will different users need different levels of access?

Once we have some information from you, we put that together as ‘user stories’. Here’s two examples …
‘As a frequent customer at Big Joe’s Meat Barn, I want to see the weekly specials and my loyalty points as soon as I log into the app.’

‘As a plumber with Trout Plumbing, I want to see my jobs for the day, any messages from the office and my best travel routes on my front page.’

Phase 2 –
We put together the wireframes. These are 2D sketches.
The wireframes show how the app will be structured.
Phase 3 –
Now we build your app. Yippee!
1. We arrange the UI user interface. This shows how your app will look.
2. Also, we work on the operational aspects of your app – that’s called the UX user experience.
Phase 4 –
We create your prototype app. You will be given a working model of the app to try out. We will ask for your comments.
Phase 5 –
Now we can complete your full app which we will link to servers.
Phase 6 –
Testing your new app
To check your new app meets our high standards, we test thoroughly.

We use a cloud-testing platform. This runs your app on hundreds of phones. We cover a variety of brands, models and screen sizes. Any hiccups are found and fixed fast.

As an extra check we run your app against our own Dr App testing app.

2 Project Management Methods We Can Use

Before we leave the app building process, I would like you to know the 2 project management methods we can use.

It’s important as it will affect the cost of your app and the time it takes to complete.


App Project Management Option #1 – The Waterfall Method

Each part of your app is constructed one time in a set order. We do not return to it.

For the Waterfall Method to be successful, we must start with a clear and accurate plan of what you want.

The Waterfall Method has its upside —

+ Certainty – we can complete your app in an agreed time and at an agreed budget

On the downside –

– It’s not possible to make changes on the fly
– If you want any changes, we need to start again.
– This means setting a fresh timeline and another budget

App Project Management Option #2 – The Agile Method

This approach is more flexible and open-ended. We cycle through the project repeatedly. We work on each part many times until your app is completed.

On the upside you get –

+ Many opportunities to add your input
But —

– You do not get a set completion date
– Nor can we give you an exact costing

So there you have it. Two approaches, Agile and Waterfall.
The choice is yours. We can talk about this further when we meet.


Okay, it’s time to address 4 top FAQs …

dr app developers in gold coast

1. YES, we are able to work with a code you already have. Our team has 30 years of combined technical expertise crafting apps. We can adapt to what you bring.

2. NO, sorry. We do not enter into agreements about sharing in your anticipated future earnings in lieu of payment.

3. YES, we can organise the hosting of your app. We prefer Amazon AWS. It is super-fast and has superior geographical coverage. Our clients speak well of them too.

4. YES, we can still make adjustments to your app once it’s all done. We do this for a very reasonable hourly rate.

Our Packages

Silver App
$3,300.00 inc. GST

Up to 5 screens

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - Email messaging, login and registration, integration with WordPress

1 month

$3,300.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Gold App
$11,000.00 inc. GST

Job management system or similar

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - to take bookings, to create inspection reports, to write and send invoices, connection to Xero, to send Emails to the Clients, to send payment reminders

3 months

$11,000.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Platinum App
$27,500.00 inc. GST

Advanced features in addition to the ones included in our smaller packages

Native apps

iWatch applications etc.

More than 3-5 months

$27,500.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for App Customers

Now let’s talk about the guarantee

A few notes about your quote

After our initial meeting, you will be sent a quote

Generally we allocate 10 hours a month to creating a business app. You will be sent a monthly invoice showing our progress.

As all the apps are different, it is not possible to give a quote before we meet.

I’m sure you’ll want to know about our Dr App Guarantee …

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for App Customers

1. We guarantee we will work closely with you to ensure your app meets your requirements before it goes live.
2. We guarantee to show you how to use your new app with confidence and ease.
3. In the unlikely event there are glitches in the app of our making, we guarantee to correct these at no cost with speed and courtesy.

Client Testimonials

Let’s hear from another satisfied customer…

Matt Houlders

Little Critters Pest Control

“Alex Merenkov can do anything. He developed Pest App Management System the way I wanted it. It’s functional and fast. It works better for me as it’s made just for the pest industry.”

Emma Greenhatch

Bring a Plate app

“I have a very busy schedule. Alex was great at keeping the project moving forward and being flexible with how we worked together. In addition to this he has such strong integrity and I consider him to be a trusted partner.”

Jordan Hayes


“I’ve recently used this Company to build my new business website and app. The finished product is excellent. Very high quality work.“

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Dr App Development & Design in Brisbane

So that’s your introduction to apps. I hope it helps you make a sound purchasing decision.

You will have your business app for a long time. You want a winner not a while elephant. We’d love to help so…

Or call us on 07 4243 6697


All the best,

Alex Merenkov

The Director of I Need Website

Brisbane, Queensland

PS Just confirming, it costs you nothing to meet with us.

PPS Our phone number is 07 4243 6697

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