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So you’re thinking about an app development Perth? Check out our video below to see what an app can do for your business.

Hi, I’m Ben Allan,

Account Manager of Dr App.

Welcome to this page about our app development services.

You are probably here for one of two reasons:

You have an app in mind that you’d like to get built
We can help you with that

Or you may want to explore how an app can help your business.
We can help you with that too.

We’ve built over 30 apps. They are always unique and innovative.
That’s the nature of apps.

Here’s what you’ll find on this page.

Let’s make a start …

iOS, Android & Web App Development Perth

When you get an app from us, we build it from scratch. It’s not an off the shelf program. The app is there to improve things for you. This could be better efficiency, better customer support or cost reductions. There are loads of ways an app can help you. It all depends on what you need.

Let me say this from the outset …

Your app is your intellectual property. How you use it is up to you. It can give you a strategic advantage over your competitors.
It is also a product you may want to market it and sell it to others.

Right. Now for the overview of apps…

best app developer in gold coast
There are two types of apps – the website app and a mobile app

A Website Based App

A website based app is very interactive. It runs on a server. You can log into your own account and make changes, add data and so on.

Here’s some apps you’re probably familiar with. MailChimp is a web-based app. So are Eventbrite and Xero. But you can also access them on your mobile.

Job management systems are web-based apps. But they can be set up to be used on a mobile phone or tablet as well. Each staff person would have access to the parts of the app they need for their job.

web based app development gold coast

Mobile Apps

Let’s talk about mobile apps…
These fall into 2 categories – native and cross-platform.

Native apps are built separately for Apple and android phones.

These apps work smoothly and look more like other apps the customer sees on their particular phone.

The downside … it takes more time to build a native app. You are really building the app twice.

We can also build you a cross-platform app.
This is built once and then loaded into IOS and Android.
The benefit is you get 2 apps from one process. Both apps will look the same.

The downside … cross-platform apps don’t fit in well with the native apps the user may have on their phone. They are less intuitive to use. It’s more like using a mini-web program. And not everyone is happy with that.

So you have two options for how we build your app, native and cross-platform.
Most developers do cross platform. We can do both depending on what you need.

Now let’s talk about what apps can do.

mobile app development in gold coast

New Ways to Benefit Your Customer and

Your Business

The point of apps is to create new ways to benefit your customer and your business.

This brings us to the Customer Experience

Your app can help customers see their account from their phone rather than wait until they are near a desktop. It’s time-saving and convenient. They can use it anytime and anywhere.

It becomes the face of your business.

When the customer values your app, you can make it part of your marketing. You can send reminders, competitions and specials.

ios and android app design
The second way to think about apps is ‘what is the business experience?’

A good app can help you do business in a more efficient way.

It can improve staff communication by ensuring everyone has the same up to date information.

It can help you solve problems.

Younger adults have grown up with apps. To them apps say ‘cool, funky, easy’

Why not capture this good feeling for your business? And capture a new market.

custom app design for business

So, you may be feeling very positive about apps but the question arises …

WHY not use an off the shelf app?
Well, here’s the thing …
With an off the shelf app, everything is pre-set. You need to change your workflow to match the app.
On the other hand, with a custom built app, we use your current workflow practices and create the app around it.

While we’re on benefits, let me tell you some of the features we can include in your app:

– Voice control
– Text reading
– Artificial intelligence
– We can connect your app to your phone’s GPS
– Chat bots

Sometimes we are asked to develop apps on i-watches or Virtual Reality. We can do this too. These apps are totally original and purpose built.

gold coast app development and design

Job Management App

I’ll share some of our app work. First up, let’s meet Matt Houlders.

Matt owns Little Critters Pest Control. He wanted a job management app. He told up exactly what he wanted and we made it.

His app …

Takes bookings
Does pest inspection reports
Writes and sends invoices
Connects to Xero
Emails clients about their annual inspection
Sends payment reminders

A few stats…

This app took us 3 months.
It is saving Matt 8 hours a week in admin time
It has boosted his repeat business by 23%
And all this for an investment of $9000

So far, we have created customised job management apps for cleaning, pest control and delivery companies. We’re keen to do more.

Getting back to Matt, he will sell this app to other small operators in the pest control industry. This will bring him a new income stream.

app development adelaide
Okay, now for something different.
You’ve probably heard about virtual reality. It’s an exciting technology with loads of applications. For instance …

We can build a VR app to help a builder showcase their plans.
The builder can set up a few different house packages and show them to the customer through a virtual reality headset.

It’s immersive and 3D. The home buyer feels they are walking through the house.
It gives them better information about the layout. They can select their home package with more confidence.

In fact, the app enhances the whole buying experience. It sets your company apart.
To create this type of app costs around $5000 and takes 3 months.

VR app development - virtual reality app design
Staying with VR, I am working with a hypnotherapist to build an app to help his clients who have depression.

The client puts on the virtual reality headset that has earphones and a screen. They are immersed in a natural landscape. This relaxes them.

While they are in this receptive state, the therapist can help them release old patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that underlie their condition. It’s an exciting application of this technology.

If you run a restaurant, we can build you an app to showcase your menu. It can have photos, recipes, whatever you want. A customer can book a table, order a takeaway, accumulate loyalty points and get notifications.

This would take about 3 months to build and cost $10000 on one platform. The app can use GEO location so that your restaurant is visible to local people.

That’s gives you a taste of what’s possible. Now we’ll look at the process of building your app.

restaurant app development - booking app

The Process of Building Your App

We sit down with you and find out what you want, your ideas and goals. Once we have agreed on what’s to go in app, we give you a quote. Then we work on your app for around 10 hours a month. And we invoice you monthly.
Once you sign up to work with us, we turn these user stories into y-frames. These are drawings that show how the interface may look.
Next we create the UI user interface and UX user experience. The UI is the visual look of the app and the UX is more to do with convenience.
After that we make the actual prototypes. These look likes the apps but they are not functional. At this stage you can download the app onto your phone and try it. But your app is not yet public.
Then if that all goes well, we move onto making the app functional. This involves integrating to third party services and back end functionality or APIs.
We work on your app for around 10 hours a month. And we invoice you monthly.
Next up is TESTING. We use a cloud-testing platform. The goal here is that your app works easily for the customer no matter what model or brand of phone or device they have.

The Two Ways We Approach App Development

I’ll tell you the two ways we approach app development.

The Waterfall

Here we work through the stages in a set order until the project is done. For instance we build the icons and the user interfaces once. We don’t go back and revise.

The success of this method depends on how thoroughly we plan each stage.

On the upside this method has a fixed time schedule and a fixed budget.
On the downside, it can be a bit rigid.
If we find we have forgotten something, we need to scrap the whole thing and start again. That means the deadline is not met.

The Agile Method

This method goes in cycles. We work on all aspects of the app in each cycle. We can adapt as we go. That’s good for you.
At the end of each cycle we meet with you.

We keep cycling through until we have a finished product.
The benefit of the Agile method is that if we have not included something or you contribute another idea, we can add that in.
It’s flexible.
We can adapt to the market too. If your competitor puts out a new app, we can change your app.

On the downside the timeframe and the cost can change.

In the end, it’s up to you which method you choose. We can go through these again when we meet.


dr app developers in gold coast

YES, we can work with someone else’s code. You don’t have to start from scratch. Because we have years of experience developing on many platforms we can work with what you bring us.

NO, we don’t take a stake in the app project as a payment for development.

YES, we do offer hosting. We prefer to host your apps with Amazon AWS. This is one of the biggest Cloud hosting companies. They have multiple locations across the world. This means faster uploads for you and your customers and less hassles.

YES, we can make changes to your app after the project is completed. We charge $80 an hour for this service.

Our Packages

Silver App
$3,300.00 inc. GST

Up to 5 screens

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - Email messaging, login and registration, integration with WordPress

1 month

$3,300.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Gold App
$11,000.00 inc. GST

Job management system or similar

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - to take bookings, to create inspection reports, to write and send invoices, connection to Xero, to send Emails to the Clients, to send payment reminders

3 months

$11,000.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Platinum App
$27,500.00 inc. GST

Advanced features in addition to the ones included in our smaller packages

Native apps

iWatch applications etc.

More than 3-5 months

$27,500.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for App Customers

Now let’s talk about the guarantee

We guarantee we will work closely with you to ensure your app meets your requirements before it goes live.
We guarantee to offer you training so you can use your app with confidence as a new business asset.
In the unlikely event there are glitches in the app of our making, we guarantee we will fix these courteously, quickly and free of charge.

Client Testimonials

Let’s take a minute to tell you about a few of our clients.

Matt Houlders

Little Critters Pest Control

“Alex Merenkov can do anything. He developed Pest App Management System the way I wanted it. It’s functional and fast. It works better for me as it’s made just for the pest industry.”

Emma Greenhatch

Bring a Plate app

“I have a very busy schedule. Alex was great at keeping the project moving forward and being flexible with how we worked together. In addition to this he has such strong integrity and I consider him to be a trusted partner.”

Jordan Hayes


“I’ve recently used this Company to build my new business website and app. The finished product is excellent. Very high quality work.“

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