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So you’re thinking about an app. Check out our video below to see what an app can do for your business.

Hi, let me introduce myself.

I’m Alex Merenkov from Dr App here in the Sunshine Coast.

Business today is all about efficiency and results. Right?
You want to know …
• How do you get the most value from your time?
• How do you improve communication between your staff?
• How do you keep track of stock and minimise wastage?
• How do you attract more clients and keep them?

There are many answers of course.
But one tool you ignore at your peril is technology.
A powerful purpose-built program, yes, an app, can help you answer these questions and reach your business goals. And dare I say it … exceed them.

In the past 15 years, we have built apps for a variety of business owners. We have helped …
• Sole traders
• Family businesses
• National corporations and
• Community groups

We’ve built apps for tradesmen, medical equipment suppliers, telecommunications’ providers, removal companies …

The list goes on.

Each app is made with you and for you. So it works for your team and your market.

Please check out the video on this page. It will give you a full run down on apps. You’ll discover the opportunities they can bring to your business.

But if you are more of a reader then you will get the gist of the app development process here.

On this page you’ll find

Read on …

An Overview of Apps

Mobile & Web App Development Sunshine Coast

At Dr App your app is built from the ground up.
We don’t use existing programs and change them.
We find out what your goals are –
Improved efficiency, better client engagement or cost savings for example.
Then we construct an app to meet your goals.

custom built app development sunshine coast

Your App Belongs to You

We often get asked who owns the intellectual property in an app.
Well, you do.
It’s your product to use as you will. Often this is for internal use. But you may want to sell your app to other operators in your field.

sunshine coast app development

Web-based Apps

Most businesses today have web-based apps. These are the interactive websites you use every day.
Think email programs, online stores, medical centres or electricity companies. Their websites are complex application programs built to help the customer like you.
And yes you can access these websites via your mobile phone, but essentially they are web-based apps.

mobile apps sunshine coast

Mobile Apps

Right, mobile apps are a newer development. They can be split into 2 types – the native app and the cross-platform app.
Don’t worry if this is all jargon for you now. I’ll explain …

best app developer sunshine coast

A Native App for Mobile Users

A native app is built twice.
It is not built for Android and TRANSLATED to an Apple device.
You get a native app for your Android and another distinct one for Apple.

This means you have no glitches with the apps. You and your clients can enjoy a smooth, seamless app that does all you need it to.

Of course, it takes longer to build an app twice. But the results are far superior. It’s up to you.
Your alternative is …

ios and android app design

A Cross-Platform App for Mobile Users

This type of app is only built once.
It works on both IOS and Android devices.
You still have 2 fully functional apps.

There are drawbacks …
This app will not look like what the customer is used to using on their mobile phone or tablet. It can be difficult to use for this reason.
It appears more like a miniature website.

20% of our clients choose to build for just one platform – the one they use themselves.

Another 30% get an android app and an IOS app. That way all their customers are covered.

The other 50% of clients opt for a cross-platform app.

I’ll recap on those choices for you

1. You can have a native app built for android and IOS or
2. You can get a cross-platform app.

dr app developers in sunshine coast
Now there’s a new device that has captured the market in the last few years. I’m talking about the Apple i-watch.

Apps for Your Apple i-Watch

Yes, we can create an app for your Apple i-watch. It will be built to meet your individual situation. And it’s entirely yours.

app design for business
Actually before we move on, there is one more option –

You could get an app that is out there on the market already.

Covid App

A Covid app for tracking customers is an example of this. Any café, restaurant or bar can use it. It works fine as it’s only doing one simple thing – collecting names and contact details.

But if you want a business tool that is designed for you, an off the shelf app won’t do.

It is pre-set. You’ll have to change your way of working to suit the app. It’s like the tail wagging the dog.

Besides, do you really want an app your competitor can buy tomorrow?

Now that you know a little about the options, feel free to get in touch

The 4 Top Benefits for Clients

This brings us to what apps can actually do. Let’s address this for clients and for you…


Clients can see their account from their phone anywhere and anytime


Clients can adjust their plans and update their profiles from their phone anytime


Your professional app helps clients find answers to their questions


Your app is a resource at their fingertips. It’s as rich as you make it

The 6 Top Benefits for Your Business

Okay, now for the second viewpoint


Your professional modern app becomes the face of your business


Better data collection and stock management

Cost savings

With integrated invoicing, ordering and job allocation

Market with ease

Send news, competitions and special offers to clients

Reach new prospects

An app is easily shared by happy clients


Improved communication and teamwork

Features that Set Your App Apart

Right, moving on. Let’s talk about some of the awesome features you can have in your custom-built app

Features that set your app apart

– Voice control – tradies find this super handy. They can finish one job, get in the ute and ask the app what the next job is
– Text reading – again this is a useful feature for anyone who spends time on the road
– Artificial intelligence – AI can answer questions and book appointments
– We can connect your app to your phone’s GPS

If you want to talk about your app idea, click the box below.

To hear from our satisfied clients, read on …

Job Management App

Matt Houlders is the owner/ manager of Little Critters Pest Control.

We built a job management app to his specification.

He had tried off the shelf products, but they just didn’t cater for his needs.

Matt Houlders’ purpose-built app manages ALL aspects of his work.

Here’s a few thing’s it can do

– Book appointments
– Generate pest inspection reports
– Fill in invoice templates
– Send invoices out to clients
– Send reminder emails for slow payments
– Share financial information with his Xero account
– Let clients know when their next pest inspection is due

Now what does this mean to Matt?

The Benefits – More Time and More

As a business owner and busy father, Matt’s time is valuable.
This app has cut down his office time by 8 hours every week.
With the automatic reminders about pest inspections, 23% more customers are booking that annual service. It’s smiles all round at Matt’s place.

And the outlay?
Matt’s app cost him $9000. And it has paid for itself and more. Getting Matt’s job management app up and running was a 3 month process.
Down the track, Matt plans to market his app to other pest controllers. He can do this because he totally OWNS the app.

If a job management app appeals to you, I will let you know we have developed apps for cleaning companies and parcel delivery teams. We have the knowhow.

When you are ready, get in touch

Now for the WOW factor…

Immerse Your Prospects in a Virtual World

We can build in a virtual reality experience for your clients and prospects. It’s exciting and has loads of uses.

This should give you a few ideas…

Virtual Reality for Builders – Streamlines the Buying Process

With a VR app a building company can guide potential buyers through their range of homes.

No need to go to a display centre. It can all happen in your office.

With the headset on, the buyers can wander through the houses feeling the size and layout. Then they can choose their home with confidence.
An app like this lifts your company above the rest for an investment of $5000. Time-wise, give us 3 months. The benefit for you is happy customers. They know what they are getting. Consequently don’t ask you to revise the plan every week!

Lifting Depression with Virtual Reality

At Dr App, we are creating an app for a hypnotherapist.

With a virtual reality headset the client is transported to a peaceful natural setting.

In a few minutes, they relax and become more receptive to the hypnotherapy session. They can be safely guided to drop negative belief patterns that no longer serve them.

Apps for Restauranteurs

If you run a restaurant, we can build you an app to showcase your menu. It can have photos, recipes, whatever you want. A customer can book a table, order a takeaway, accumulate loyalty points and get notifications.

This would take about 3 months to build and cost $10000 on one platform. The app can use GEO location so that your restaurant is visible to local people.

So now it’s time to look at HOW we create your awesome signature app.

Creating Your App

Step 1

We meet and get the rundown of what you want. With this data we put together what we in the trade call ‘user stories’.

Step 2

Getting technical here – When we start crafting your app, we take these user stories and generate wireframes.
Basically these are a rough sketch that shows how your finished app will appear.

Step 3

Now we are into the building phase. Two things happen …
1. We fashion the UI user interface. This sets out the look of your app
2. We work on the UX user experience. This guides the functions and useability

Step 4

Now we generate your prototype app. This allows you to put the app onto your mobile device and test it out. However, it’s only a model, not a fully functioning app, yet.

Step 5

After making any adjustments you need, we produce your working app.
We use an application program so your app can be linked to servers.

Step 6

It’s time to test your app. We do this with a cloud-testing platform.
That way we see how smoothly your app works across 100s of devices of various brands, models and screen sizes.

To supplement this we have our in-house testing app.

Sunshine Coast App Development Options

While we’re on this subject, there are two ways we can approach your project…

App Development Option #1 – The Waterfall Method

Here we work through the stages in a set order until the project is done. We create the icons and the user interfaces once. There is no going back to make changes.

This works as long as we have a thorough plan before commencing each step.

It means …

– You get certainty – a fixed time schedule and a fixed budget

x It’s not flexible – if we have to add any new elements, it can’t be done
x You are up for a new app
x Deadlines and budgets have to be reset

App Development Option #2 – The Agile Method

This option operates in a circular fashion. We craft all elements of your signature app repeatedly.
The positives
– You get to meet with us as each cycle is done
– It’s easy to change your app along the way

Often we find business owners only see the full potential of an app once we are in the thick of creating it. That’s cool. This method is flexible.

The negatives
x It’s difficult to predict the completion date
x The cost can vary as the project gains momentum
The choice is yours.

So if you have heard enough about HOW we build your app, please go ahead and book your appointment. Remember it’s free and you are under no obligation


Okay, let’s cover some FAQs…

YES, we can work with someone else’s code. We have been creating apps for over 15 years. We can adapt what you bring over.

NO, we don’t take a stake in the app project as payment for development.

YES, we can arrange to host your app. We recommend Amazon AWS. It’s a major player with all the reach you need. You get faster uploads and very few glitches.

YES, once your app is finished, we can still make changes. Our current rate is $80 an hour.

Our Packages

Silver App
$3,300.00 inc. GST

Up to 5 screens

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - Email messaging, login and registration, integration with WordPress

1 month

$3,300.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Gold App
$11,000.00 inc. GST

Job management system or similar

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - to take bookings, to create inspection reports, to write and send invoices, connection to Xero, to send Emails to the Clients, to send payment reminders

3 months

$11,000.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Platinum App
$27,500.00 inc. GST

Advanced features in addition to the ones included in our smaller packages

Native apps

iWatch applications etc.

More than 3-5 months

$27,500.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

About Your Quote

When you know what you need in the app we will send you a quote.
After you accept the quote, we start creating your one of a kind app.
We will spend 10 hours each month building it for you. Invoices are sent monthly.

Every app is different. Some are complex, some are straightforward.
So your quote will be specific to your project.

And remember after we hand over your new app, it is your intellectual property.

Thanks for sticking with us so far. This is a long and detailed spiel. I know. But now you have all the information at your fingertips. We’re nearly at the end.

Let’s talk about our ….

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for App Customers

1. We guarantee we will work closely with you to ensure your app meets your requirements before it goes live.
2. We guarantee to offer you training so you can use your app with confidence as a new business asset.
3. In the unlikely event there are glitches in the app of our making, we guarantee we will fix these courteously, quickly and free of charge.

One Final Thing…

Remember Matt Houlders, our pest controller? Here’s what he said…

Matt Houlders


Little Critters Pest Control

“Dr App can do anything. My Pests App is functional and fast.
It has everything I need and nothing I don’t.”

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