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So you’re thinking about an app. Check out our video below to see what an app can do for your business.

Hello, welcome to Dr App

My name is Ben Allan. I’ll be helping you discover what’s possible with a business app

Before we get into it, a brief warning …

This information is NOT for you if

  • You are totally satisfied with how you track incomes, expenditure and profits
  • You don’t spend time doing menial tasks that could be automated
  • Your team feel valued and united in their goals
  • Your customer portal is user-friendly

However, if you think your business could be more efficient and more profitable with an app, read on …

For over 15 years, we have been at the forefront of app development. We have created apps for 30 business owners including …

  • Solo operators
  • Mum and pop businesses
  • Franchisees and
  • Nationwide corporations

Our satisfied clients include tradespeople, manufacturers of medical devices, home care services, telecommunications’ companies and furniture removalists.

Your app is built around how YOU operate every day. We don’t ask you to change your work procedures to match the app. The point of a purpose-built app is that it fits in you’re your work flow seamlessly.

Okay, you’ll notice the video. It introduces you to the world of apps. I encourage you to watch it as it will help you focus in on exactly what you want.

Alternatively, you can read this page and discover

Let’s start …

3 Stages in App Development

Stage 1 – Getting a clear plan

It begins with listening. We get to know your goals, your problems, your ambitions. Then we can build the app you need.

Stage 2 – Let’s build

As for building, we differ from some other app developers. How? Well, we don’t take pre-existing software and adapt them. Your app is created from scratch. It’s a unique piece of technology.

Stage 3 – Getting the most from your new app

Once you have the finished app, it’s yours for life. It’s your intellectual property. You can use it as a second income stream or just keep it in-house and exclusive.

The Types of Apps

Okay, I need to hit you with some jargon about apps. This will help you choose what we build for you…

Web-based Apps

Almost all businesses have a website. This can be a simple few pages about where to find them and what they do.

Some go further and have a complex web-based application or app where you can log in, pay your bill, order new products and so on.

A music store where you can order guitar strings online and review your previous orders is one example.

The goal of this type of app is to serve the customer. Actually often the customer serves themselves!! This frees up staff for other tasks.

Although you can use web-based apps on your mobile phone, they are still web-based apps.

web app development sydney

Mobile Apps

There are 2 types of mobile app – the native app and the cross-platform app. These are the apps you can download from an app store onto your phone.

A Native App for Mobile Phones

So, your staff and clients have a variety of phones and tablets. Some have Android devices, some prefer Apple technology.
To cover everyone, you can ask us to construct an app for the android system and a second app for the Apple system.
They are called native apps.

This is a time-consuming process but it has its advantages. You end up with two purpose built apps.
There are no TRANSLATION faults in your app as it was not copied from Android to Apple.

Both apps are intuitive and follow the logic you and your customers expect.

You have another choice …

mobile app developer sydney

A Cross-Platform App for Mobile Phones

If you choose a cross-platform app, we will build it ONCE.
It operates on your IOS and your Android devices.
They are two distinct apps. But …

A cross-platform app may not meet your customers’ expectations. It can look different to other apps they use. They may have trouble navigating through the app.
Truth be told, it looks similar to a mini website.

It may help you to know what other business owners are choosing. Well,

  • 20% want an app on one platform only
  • 30% go for both an android app and an IOS app and
  • The final 50% choose a cross-platform app

To summarise, you can have

1. A native app for Android phones and tablets
2. A native app for your Apple phones and devices
3. Two native apps – one for each platform or
4. A cross-platform app.

There’s one more question to address –

Can we build a customised app to go on your Apple i-Watch?

For sure. Just tell us what you are thinking about and we’ll make it happen.

It’s only fair that I tell you of the FINAL option …

… an ‘off the shelf’ app. Let me explain what this is …

A visitor registration app is an off the shelf app. Cafes, clubs, restaurants and other venues can download it and ask customers to use it. The app has one purpose – to collect and store visitors’ names and contact information. You can buy it online.

However running a business has many elements. To pull together your client data, bookings, stock orders, staff job sheets and a range of other information you really need a purpose built app.

If you are ready to book a meeting please click the box below.

ios app development - android apps in sydney

Why do businesses get apps? There’s two ways of addressing this…

How do your clients benefit from your app?

They get …

  • Convenience – they can check their account, pay bills, make a booking, etc., whenever it suits them
  • Speed – they can do business with you in a few minutes
  • Security – with their own personal log-in, their information is protected
custom app development


How does your business benefit from a custom-made app?

You get …

  • A professional image – your app is the first window into your business
  • A link to your clients – the app allows you to stay in touch, promote various products or send reminders
  • Superior data to help decision-making – it’s easy to track enquiries, income, work flow – anything you want
  • Save time – your app can cut out double handling, automate some processes and integrate information across departments
best app developers sydney
Now, before we build your app, let’s look at some features you may want

Valuable app features

– Voice control – this allows you to ask questions of your app, find a new job, send an invoice, all hands-free
– Text reading – you can check your messages while you are in traffic
– Artificial intelligence – with AI your clients can contact your business 24/7
– Navigation – we can link your app to a GPS program

Keen to talk?

Custom App Development Sydney

Job Management App

Now let’s see what our clients say…

Matt Houlders has his own small business – Little Critters Pest Control.
He used a job management app but found it had limitations.
He asked us to build him an app that was specific to the pest industry.

Matt Houlders’ customised job management app manages every important business activity.

With it, he can …

  • Set up appointments
  • Produce and send pest inspection reports
  • Complete and send invoices
  • Track payments
  • Send ‘nudge’ emails when clients are slow to pay
  • Automatically integrate his paid invoices with his accounting program
  • Automatically contact clients when their annual pest inspection comes up
custom business app development in sydney

The app has been a game changer for Matt. It has

  • Saved him 8 hours of admin time every week
  • Freed him up to spend more time with his family
  • Increased the number of return customers by 23%

As for the investment?
The job management app was $9000. It took the Dr App team 3 months to build. Matt was fully involved in the process. Now he has the option of selling the app to fellow pest management operators.

We have created job management apps for a range of businesses including cleaning companies and courier services.

Heard enough?

sydney app development and design
You can do more …

Open up to virtual reality

Some businesses benefit from giving their clients a virtual experience.
Real estate agents, landscapers, interior designers and health professionals come to mind.

For example …

Virtual Reality for the Home Builder

Using a VR app, as a builder you can show your buyers through a selection of houses without leaving the office. This app gives you a major point of difference

Wearing a VR headset the buyer can explore each home, getting to know the layout, orientation and room sizes.

They can see their options quickly and clearly. This will not replace viewing the actual properties but it can help the buyer refine their ideas. And save you time along the way.

Your investment would be $5000. The app can be completed in 3 months.

mobile app design company

VR Can Fight the Black Dog of Depression

There are exciting ways to use apps in the field of mental health. We are working with a professional hypnotherapist who treats clients with depression.

The purpose of this VR app is to relax the clients so they can absorb the new positive programming in their hypnotherapy session.

The clients wear a VR headset and watch a short video of a natural forest landscape. The potential for other health professionals is huge.

VR app design sydney
Apps to Assist You in the Restaurant Business

If you own or manage a restaurant, with a custom-built app you can highlight new dishes, provide directions, arrange bookings and operate your customer loyalty program.

To produce an app of this nature for one platform is a 3 month task. Your investment would be around $10000.

Right, let’s talk about HOW we make your unique app.

The App Creation Process

Step 1

We find out what you need. Once we have enough information, we construct ‘user stories’.

Step 2

Next we produce wireframes with these stories as our guideposts. The wireframes are outlines of the final app.

Step 3

We start creating your actual app. We produce the UI user interface. This shows you how your app will look. We design the UX user experience. This controls how the app will work.

Step 4

We fashion your prototype app. Now you can test the app out on your phone. Although it’s incomplete, you’ll see what’s happening and you can give us valuable feedback.

Step 5

Now for the exciting part… We make your fully functioning app. We also link your app to servers.

Step 6

Next up is testing. At Dr App, we use a cloud-testing platform. This tests your app with hundreds of phone brands, models and screen sizes. In addition, we use our custom-made testing app.

The Two Ways We Approach App Development in Sydney

There are two approaches for running your project. You can choose either…

App Development Approach #1 – The Waterfall Method

This tackles each step in a logical pre-set order from start to finish. Each part is created once. It is not possible to return to an earlier step and make adjustments.

This method works if we know exactly what you need before we begin.

With the Waterfall Method, you get …

v certainty – your app is completed at an agreed time and an agreed budget
x it’s not adaptable – if you revise your plans, we’re stuck
x We need to redesign the app and build again from scratch
x You will be offered a new schedule and new costings

App Development Approach #2 – The Agile Method

This approach is more fluid and dynamic. We cycle through all aspects of your app, building and refining it until it’s complete.

You get
v Multiple opportunities to review the project as we go

Due to the open nature of this method
x It’s hard to say exactly when it will be completed
x We can’t offer you a fixed price
It’s up to you to select the approach that best suits your needs. We can discuss this with you when we meet.

At any time, feel free to make your appointment…

About Your Quote

After some initial discussion, we will email your quote to you
Once you agree on the quote, we begin to construct your unique business app.

Generally we will work on your app for 10 hours per month. We send you an invoice each month too.

Each app is a new creation. Your app may be simple or complex.
That’s why we quote individually on each app.

Thanks for hanging in there with this page. It’s like Apps 101. I hope you are finding it useful.
We’re nearly done.

Now for the all-important ….

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for App Customers

1. We guarantee we will work closely with you to ensure your app meets your requirements before it goes live.
2. We guarantee to offer you training so you can use your app with confidence as a new business asset.
3. In the unlikely event there are glitches in the app of our making, we guarantee we will fix these courteously, quickly and free of charge.


YES, we can use a code someone else has developed. We have 15 years of professional experience creating apps. Bring it on.

NO, we won’t consider taking a future profit from your app instead of payment.

YES, we can arrange to host your app. We usually go with Amazon AWS. It offers excellent speed and coverage. Our clients have been very happy with it.

YES, after your app is handed over to you, it is fine to ask for changes. Our hourly rate at present is $80AU.

Our Packages

Silver App
$3,300.00 inc. GST

Up to 5 screens

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - Email messaging, login and registration, integration with WordPress

1 month

$3,300.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Gold App
$11,000.00 inc. GST

Job management system or similar

Cross platform app for both Android and iPhone

Features we can include - to take bookings, to create inspection reports, to write and send invoices, connection to Xero, to send Emails to the Clients, to send payment reminders

3 months

$11,000.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Platinum App
$27,500.00 inc. GST

Advanced features in addition to the ones included in our smaller packages

Native apps

iWatch applications etc.

More than 3-5 months

$27,500.00 inc. GSTAdd to cart

Client Testimonials

Let’s hear from Matt Houlders, the pest control guy…

Matt Houlders

Little Critters Pest Control

“My Pests App is functional and fast. It has everything I need and nothing I don’t.”

Our Testimonials

Stephanie Fairey
Stephanie Fairey
05:19 05 Nov 13
Hello. My name is Stephanie, and I am a 46 year old mother of two beautiful girls. As many women of my age do, I had... been considering anti wrinkle injections for some time. A friend of mine recently told me about the Cosmetic Preview application at Ageless Face and Body, and I had to check it out. All I had to do was find a reasonably clear photo and upload it, and the software works its magic. It tells you fairly precisely what treatments would be recommended for you, and how many of them. It is, of course, not to be taken at its word in lieu of a consultation, but it was fun to see what could be achieved for me. I've just had my first set of botox injections, and I can tell you I am really excited! We girls (and boys!) need to use whatever we can as we age to keep looking fantastic, and feeling even better. I encourage you to have a look at the app, see what is applicable to you, and get inspired! You could not find anyone better or more professional than this clinic. I highly recommend more
Dominick Taylor
Dominick Taylor
06:15 07 Oct 13
After being impressed with the virtual consultation feature on their site, I decided to book my mum in for a treatment... at the clinic. I was skeptical at first, but after reviewing their anti wrinkle treatments and seeing the effects first-hand I decided to give them a go. They certainly lived up to their company name, and did a fantastic job for my mum taking years off her face. Her skin after a few treatments certainly had less wrinkles, and she was getting compliments off everyone. Botox treatments don't have to break the bank either, these guys are pretty reasonable as more
Megan Aus
Megan Aus
12:35 01 Oct 13
I spend a lot of time in the sun and had started to notice more and more wrinkles popping up as I am growing older. All... that time squinting in the sun had led to crow’s feet that were making me feel really self conscious. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for anti-wrinkle injections and wished I could see how the work would look before committing to any decisions. I was told about Ageless Face and Body by a friend who recommended their anti-wrinkle service. I was a little uncertain about the whole thing so decided to jump online to see what it was all about. I stumbled upon their virtual consultation and was amazed by the results I was shown to expect. The virtual consultation actually allows you to upload a photo of yourself and then make adjustments for each problem area on your face so that you get an idea of what the end result is. My fears of looking “plastic” were put to rest. It’s clear this company produces results of a high standard and I’m looking forward to booking my first anti-wrinkle appointment with them!read more
Lesley Ryan
Lesley Ryan
22:48 29 Sep 13
A friend recommended the dermal filler treatment so I decided to give it a try, I was quite amazed by how instant this... was and what a difference it made in 15 minutes for something that can last up to 2 years! The staff at ágeless'are delightful and a pleasure.Well recommended!read more
Clodagh Higgins
Clodagh Higgins
04:26 21 Jun 12
Dr.Liz and her team make you feel at home and have amazing cost effective treatments.
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