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Why Choose Dr App

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Here at Dr App, we have been developing custom software and mobile apps for the past 18 years! Rely on our experienced local app developers in Gold Coast!

Dr App is a technology business that supports other businesses to reach their goals. We develop customized software and mobile apps to make their work easier.

Our success is driven by referrals. Successful projects bring in new work, either repeat business or referrals by word of mouth. The more people we help the more we grow.

We keep motivated by helping business owners get the results they want and by celebrating our wins.

Our goal is to serve the business community with innovative technology and to contribute to growth and learning in our field. Because technology is constantly changing, what you are using today can have limitations next week. We are continually innovating.

Mobile & Web App Development in Gold Coast

Our apps are all unique. They may be sales tools, customer loyalty apps, job management apps or inventory apps. They all give the client an advantage over their competitors. Once we have made an app, we continue to monitor it and update it. This way we help our clients to stay ahead.

We offer a complete app service. We can make the app, host the app, load it onto the relevant sales platforms such as Google Play and update it. We are a one stop shop for everything digital.

Having worked in the industry for 18 years, our developers understand technology at a very deep level. This helps us to find solutions quickly. Whereas most app developers work with existing software, we create apps from code. This gives us more flexibility and allows us to do things that have not been attempted or achieved before. Our clients benefit from this. We are constantly innovating, solving business problems and creating new ways of doing things.


We are working with Ryan Hollis from EverFocus to create an app to help people recycle their rubbish more accurately. The app will take a photo of a rubbish item and show whether it is recyclable in your local council area or not.

The app called WasteLess will make recycling easier and therefore more likely to happen. Current data shows that councils across Australia have to discard 55% of recycling loads due to contamination by non-recyclables. Truckloads of recyclable materials are dumped.

We innovated by creating our own image recognition analyzer for household rubbish and recycling items. The available tools like Google vision and Amazon Rekognition did not meet our needs.

Our image recognition analyzer can be trained. Every time you give a new item it gets better. It’s a form of artificial intelligence. It can be customized to different council areas depending on what items they recycle.

We encourage our clients to innovate too. For each new project we research what other software is on the market and analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Our initial meetings and research are always free.

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I Need an App…

because it’ll be easier to promote new products via push notifications…and my haikus.

I Need an App…

because I also want to be able to scroll through our products on my phone instead of engaging in conversation in public.

I Need an App…

because the same finger that could dial our number could “buy it now” from the app.

I Need an App…

because it’s the closest a business can get to being in the consumers home…without police being involved.

I Need an App…

because when I tell clients I’m not in the app store they stick one-star stickers to my forehead.

I Need an App…

because everyone has a phone in their pocket and no room for a spandex wearing sign twirling person.

I Need an App…

because I want my business to be in their pocket and access their back pocket (or whatever pocket they keep their wallet).

I Need an App…

because preparing my business for the future didn’t mean building a time machine…. sadly.

I Need an App…

because playing tic-tac-toe via a fax machine has been deemed “too hipster” of a mobile game.

I Need an App…

because our company needs to be in the hands of our clients, literally and figuratively.

I Need an App…

because I want better word-of-mouth marketing than “What? You don’t have an app?”

I Need an App…

because people using their phones while in the restroom is a key demographic.

I Need an App…

because my competition has one with a dinosaur game…I’m the dinosaur.

I Need an App…

because I need to connect with those on the go so potential sales don’t go with them.

I Need an App…

because it’s the closest thing to steroids for my business…without actually selling steroids.

I Need an App…

because then spending time on my phone is tax deductible (editor’s note: probably not.)

Our Core Team

Galina M.

Galina spends most of her time working on branding and illustration. Originally from Ukraine, Gali spent some time in Sydney and Melbourne and finally moved to the amazing Sunshine Coast two years ago. She has worked with high profile brands and digital agencies to create the best engagement and user experience. Galina says “For me…

Ben A.

Ben joined Dr App team in 2020 as an Account Manager. He is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals with the use of technology. Ben is coming from the Real estate background and enjoys Python programming and compiling fast and scalable databases from different data sources.

Alex M.

Alex has over ten years experience as a web programmer and has worked with clients in Australia, the UK, USA, Netherlands and Switzerland. He has a master’s degree in computer sciences and works as a head of I Need Website. Alex is passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses develop unique ways to grow…


Let’s take a minute tell you about a few of our clients.

Matt Houlders

Little Critters Pest Control

“Alex Merenkov can do anything. He developed Pest App Management System the way I wanted it. It’s functional and fast. It works better for me as it’s made just for the pest industry.”

Emma Greenhatch

Bring a Plate app

“I have a very busy schedule. Alex was great at keeping the project moving forward and being flexible with how we worked together. In addition to this he has such strong integrity and I consider him to be a trusted partner.”

Jordan Hayes


“I’ve recently used this Company to build my new business website and app. The finished product is excellent. Very high quality work.“



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