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Pests App

Locally owned Sunshine Coast pest controllers App that provide a wide range of both domestic and commercial pest removal services.

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Ezi Loads Australia

Website development, app and CRM development for Ezi Loads Australia. Ezi Loads have a range of options to ensure freight moves in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Visit the website

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Word Addiction mobile image

Word Addiction

Word Addiction is an exciting game where the player is required to decipher the secret word. Originally developed as an app on Android to exercise the brain of the ageing to help ward off dementia. You will soon see that Word Addiction is not just for the elderly. Download

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Doneski mobile image


DONESKI brings the best local cafes to the Customers fingertips, allowing them to order, pay and simply pick up the order and keep going. Visit the website

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Snigga is a unique messaging service allowing users to have a laugh directly at the receiver. Whether you wish to laugh with other users or laugh at them, Snigga is the perfect solution. When you receive a snigga, the app will automatically open displaying the contents of the message and/or image and play your pre-set […]

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Really Clean App mobile image

Really Clean App

Really Clean is a very specialised cleaning company. We have developed a special CRM system and mobile app on Android and iOs to manage their orders online.

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Smart Bridge mobile image

Smart Bridge

Smart Bridge takes the best of digital technology and combines it with all the great things about playing at bridge club. High quality 10” WiFi enabled Android ™ touch screen tablets replace the need for cards, boards, bidding pads and scoring devices. The tablets are standardised and preloaded with the required Smart Bridge Software. Players […]

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WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki mobile image

WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki

WikEM App is an online wiki and database of emergency medicine knowledge to assist physicians with their daily practice. The content is continuously updated from allowing for rapid reference of key information. The content is available offline with mobile application. WikEM is intended for clinicians only and not directly for patients. Visit the website

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Carer Sharer mobile image

Carer Sharer

Carer Sharer is an app that supports both paid and unpaid carers in our community. Carers can upload and store certificates and qualifications, connect with other carers on social platforms, and have a central point for Commonwealth resources. Download now

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